Privacy Policy

  1. Multilingues21 – Traduções e Edições técnicas Multilingues Lda., with registered office at Av. Infante D. Henrique, n.º 333H – Esc. 15, 1800-282 Lisbon, Portugal, and Corporate Tax No. PT507983815, hereinafter M21Global Translation Services, respects and appreciates its users, members and partners’ personal privacy and trust.
  2. M21Global Translation Services has implemented a privacy policy that ensures a safety commitment to all users of this website, namely their personal data processing. This Privacy Policy may be subject to further revision and so we recommend checking it every time you access the website.
  3. M21Global Translation Services is the data controller, and its processor may be contacted via email at
  4. Personal data from clients, suppliers and interested parties, hereinafter Clients, is processed due to being required to properly pursuit any requests made, correctly assess the requested services’ needs, send and prepare offers and quotes, perform and execute our agreements, comply with legal obligations imposed to M21Global Translation Services in order to achieve its valid goals, or due to being duly consented.
  5. Data identified in the Prompt Quote, Custom Quote, Contact or Translator Application Forms as mandatory is essential to the service provision by M21Global Translation Services. This data’s omission and inaccuracy, or other information provided by the Client or Translator, is of their own responsibility.
  6. Personal data provided by the Client or Translator, or generated by using the services, will be digitally processed and stored, being used by M21Global Translation Services for marketing and sales; client management and service provision; financial, tax and administrative management; legal management; network and system management; information access and physical access security control; service provider management, and legal obligation compliance purposes.
  7. Marketing-purpose data processing will be done according to the consent option chosen by the Client or Translator. This must be a prior, freely-done, informed, specific and clear consent, made in written or verbal form, or by validating an option. The Client or Translator may object to the data processing for marketing purposes at any moment and by any means.
  8. Personal data will be kept for different periods, depending on its purpose and related legal requirements, storage time needs and minimisation. More specifically, data on quotes and projects may be stored up to the deadline during which an invoice may be legally objected or its payment claimed, or for legally enforced periods for investigation and legal action purposes.
  9. M21Global Translation Services only obtains personal data (such as name, address, Taxpayer No., phone number or email address) when this personal data is voluntarily sent through the website(s) or available services
  10. This information can only be used by M21Global Translation Services to contact users, as well as for using the company’s website(s) and services, namely for sending newsletters and information regarding the company’s activities.
  11. While providing personal information, the user or users is/are the only responsible individual(s) as to his/her/their entered data’s authenticity and the user or users accept this obligation, where he/she/they will be asked to update his/her/their data whenever needed, thus ensuring the data’s accurateness.
  12. Supplied data will not be transmitted nor transferred to third parties without the concerned party’s prior consent, being exclusively maintained in servers based in European Union countries or the United States.
  13. M21Global Translation Services keeps the received data in an electronic database, which contains personal information that was voluntarily sent.
  14. M21Global Translation Services, entirely aware of how personal and professional data is used and processed, and pursuant to the legal regulations in force, has an automated system (and file) in place, so to ensure safety, completeness and confidentiality of data supplied by the user or users.
  15. M21Global Translation Services has adopted the security levels required to protecting its users’ data, as well as technical measures to avoid the supplied data’s loss, misuse, change, unauthorised access and theft.
  16. Records on M21Global Translation Services’ database ensure information on the total number of website visitors, visits on each page, and web domains of Internet Service Providers (ISP) that each user and visitor use. No personally identifiable information is collected while visiting or using contents.
  17. M21Global Translation Services provides its users links to other websites that are deemed useful and informational. M21Global Translation Services is not liable for the privacy and security policy, format, content and procedures of websites accessed by the user via the available links.
  18. By using the website, the user or users consent the collection and processing of the information herein, acknowledging that this Privacy Policy may be subject to change by M21Global Translation Services without prior or late notice. Any changes to the M21Global Translation Services website Privacy Policy will be expressly foreseen on this page.
  19. In case of doubt, the construction of this document’s original, in Portuguese, shall prevail.
  20. For queries and doubts regarding terms and meanings of our company’s website Privacy Policy, please contact us.