ISO 17100 Certified Translation Company offers translation services in Europe and around the World

Our translation company employs only native translators in the areas of technical and legal translation. We are specialists in various technical fields and in 100 languages.


Since 1997 the Company, now incorporated as a Limited Company, has been providing a Translation Service of recognized quality; We provide the optimum Translation Service for each individual case at the most competitive price.


Our translators and reviewers only translate and review in their own native languages. We translate into 25 of the principle European, Asian and African languages.


We believe that specialization is the cornerstone of our successful strategy. Focussing exclusively on translating, whether in written, electronic, CD or paper format, we provide an excellent level of quality/cost.


We have followed the ISO 17100 Sandard and we have initiated a process of continuous evaluation and improvement, constantly enhancing the skills and quality of work of the team.


We are focused upon client satisfaction and we intend: Zero errors and Zero complaints


Many national and international Companies honour us with their trust; View our list of returning clients.


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M21Global opened a New Office in São Paulo, Brazil

In order to better serve our customers we have expanded our translating offices in other countries, namely in Lyon and Paris, France, Madrid, Spain and now in São Paulo, Brazil. Customers who translate to PT-BR or from PT-BR to other languages shall have an even higher guarantee of an accurate and timely service. We intend…

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99 % of our clients are satisfied with our services!

As part of M21 Global’ continuous improvement process, we started sending an automatic satisfaction survey to all our clients. Our e-mail, sent after the requested work had been delivered, had four questions: 1. What is your level of satisfaction with our services in general? 2. How likely are you to recommend our services to a…

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Management and Translation: Do not put off difficult conversations

Constantly putting off dealing with a situation that must be solved, by avoiding or delaying a difficult conversation, can undermine your workplace environment. Unwanted behaviours may perpetuate over time, solidifying attitudes, infecting other co-workers and turning a conversation that could be easy at first into an increasingly more difficult one. Go straight to the point.…

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